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To become a Swedish citizen

To become a Swedish citizen

Citizenship in Sweden

After living in Sweden for a few years you can eventually become a Swedish citizen. This means a legal contract with the Swedish state. With a Swedish citizenship both rights and obligations in the Swedish society ensues.

For instance, you will be entitled to permanently live and work in Sweden, have the right to vote and have the possibility to move to other countries in the EU. You cannot lose a Swedish citizenship by moving to another country.

It is possible to have a dual citizenship in Sweden, when that is allowed in the other country.

Requirements to become a Swedish citizen (regarding adults only )

1. Proof of your identity - regularly by name, date of birth and current citizenship
2. Before becoming a citizen, you must have a permanent residence permit (a right of residence, for citizens of another country in the EU).
3. You must have been residing in Sweden for a few years. The residence period required vary depending on, among other things, your current citizenship and if you are a refugee. For the most part the time period required is five years of continuous residency in Sweden.
4. Good conduct during the time living in Sweden. The assessment is primarily based on whether you have a criminal record or are/have been in debt at the Enforcement Authority.

Citizenchip for children in Sweden 

Your child automatically becomes a Swedish citizen when you are granted the citizenship, if you have sole custody of the child. If you share custody the child becomes a Swedish citizen if the other guardian is a Swedish citizen or if s/he becomes one at the same time as yourself.

Children under 18 years of age can become Swedish citizens if they have a permanent residence permit and have been residing in Sweden for at least three years (two years for stateless children).

Young adults between 18 and 21 years old are able to obtain citizenship by having a permanent residence permit and having lived in Sweden since the age of 13 (age 15 for stateless people).

What should I keep in mind?

Make sure to check if any specific regulations are set for the type of residence permit you have. For instance, short temporary permits are not included in the time accounted for in the residency-requirement. If you are uncertain, please contact H I Law Firm and we will give you all the information you need.

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